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The Kronplatz (Ladin: Plan de Corones) is a 2275-meter high mountain in South Tyrol on the edge of the Dolomites. It is the home mountain of Bruneck (however, a larger part belongs to the municipality of Enneberg) and a well-known Ski area.
The name comes from the Fanes legend: on the Kronplatz Dolasilla, the invulnerable princess of the empire of the Fanes should have been crowned. In the summer when there are no ski activities taking place, it serves the animals as they graze on the barren meadows. A few still untouched parts of the mountain show the typical forestation of the Pustertal.

Bruneck – Capital of the Pustertals
Bruneck (Ladin: Bornech, Italian: Brunico) is the capital in Pustertal in South Tyrol. Bruneck lies in the mouth of the Ahr in the Rienz.
Bruneck was founded by the Prince Bishop Bruno von Kirchberg and was mentioned on the 23rd of February 1256 for the first time. In 2006 the 750th annual celebration took place.
In the beginning the town existed of 2 terraces that formed a narrow lane. Only in 1336 were the town walls and the town ditch completed under Bishop Albert von Enn.